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Rulez no Project

1.    http://qronis.web.id/v3
2.    Animation Design for Qronis (Animated Iqro (learn to read Al-Qur’an))
3.    Baligo for Supervisor of  Governor & Vice Governor of  West Java 2008’s Election
4.    Leaflet for Promotion Hikari Language Solution
5.    Poster for Promotion Hikari Language Solution
6.    Greeting Card for Promotion Hikari Language Solution
7.    Outdoor Standing Banner for Promotion Hikari Language Solution
8.    Logo Hikari Language Solution
9.    Logo Midori Café Printing
10.    Brochure for Indonesia Mathematics Society
11.    Spanduk & Backdrop for International Mathematics Competition
12.    Spanduk & Backdrop for Science Days
13.    Public Service Work Collection Book Cover
14.    Publication for Leader of Informatics Engineering Association’s campaign
15.    Poster for Final Assignment
16.    Spanduk for Justice Party Meeting
17.    Poster for Japanese Event “Nihon no Matsuri”
18.    Logo & Identity for Achievement & Measurement Squad
19.    T-Shirt for  Achievement & Measurement Squad
20.    T-Shirt for  PDDT
21.    T-Shirt for  PDKT 2006
2.    Shirt for Student Council of IT Telkom
23.    T-Shirt for  Japanese Event “Nihon no Matsuri”
24.    Jacket for Informatics Engineering Association
25.    Pin for IT/AT
26.    Pin for Hikari language Solution
27.    Pin for pro deluxe designeur team
28.    Logo APIC clothing & merchandise
29.    Logo Genia Returns
30.    Logo JP2MI
31.    Mascot for Qronis
32.    Mascot for Supervisor of  Governor & Vice Governor of  West Java 2008’s Election

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1. muhammadamrul - June 30, 2008

akhirnya… keluar juga nih uneg2.. hehe

2. New Release ! « Rulez no Sekai - June 30, 2008

[…] Rulez no Project jump to navigation […]

3. Bagus Rully - July 10, 2008

faitooooooooooooooooo oh……….

4. RuleZ - July 11, 2008


5. Ommu yang CUPU - July 12, 2008

Halo AmPrul GOl-Gol, Remind Me….
I’m your Crazy Uncle……..You make me disappointed……
Kabar nya kamu sudah di kirim ke Korea mau dijadikan SaOS BARBEQUE…..

6. RuleZ - July 12, 2008

i still remind you om! hehee…

saya masih di Indonesia, jadi jangan sebarkan gosip gitu ah… saya malu… hehehe

7. ara - October 25, 2008

keren ah…

mau dong belajar desain grafis

8. tjahjo - January 12, 2009

kren mas…..mau blajar dun!!????

9. RuleZ - June 1, 2009

@ara & tjahjo : boleh2

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